8 in the Box Productions recognizes that the heart, life and soul of college athletics has always lain in the hands of the athletes. With the recent Supreme Court ruling on NIL (name, image, likeness) rights, we now want to help those athletes maximize their earning potential.

Our clients include members of the Northwestern football team, Indiana men’s basketball team and more. We work one-on-one with athletes to strategically build their personal brand online and beyond.

8 in the Box Productions, also stylized 8ITB, was founded in 2020 by eight friends at Northwestern University. Always seeking to stay on the cutting edge of sports, our mission shifted in early 2021 from creating nuanced kicking breakdowns on youtube, where we notched over 700,000 views, to supporting college athletes with our unique skill sets.

If you are a college athlete looking to expand your brand and make money in the process, reach out to us at contact@8intheboxproductions.com.