Welcome to 8 in the Box Productions, where you can find the tomorrow of sports media, today.

8 in the Box Productions, also known as 8ITB, kicked off in September 2020. But its origins came months before, when eight friends, each a Northwestern student and aspiring member of the sports media, joined forces to create the ultimate sports content platform.

8ITB specializes in high quality multimedia content that beginner sports fans can understand and advanced fans can enjoy. The initial offerings include four weekly shows across the world of sports, from the Coast2Coast to The Griddle. In addition to weekly content, 8ITB publishes secondary features such as Breaking Point with Daniel Olinger and the By a Thread with John Riker.

Through our work, we aim to provide audiences nuanced, substantive analysis and commentary about the sports world and foster a community of sports fans. We hope you tune in and enjoy the shows!